Quartett is a 1999 collaboration between dance company Rosas and TG Stan. The performance is based on the eponymous text by German author Heiner Müller, who found inspiration in the 1782 classic Les liaisons dangereuses, written by French courtier Choderlos de Laclos. Müller’s play opens with the words “A salon before the French revolution / a bunker following world war three.” A man and a woman attempt to gain amorous affection from each other while their outside world is on the verge of collapse (or has collapsed already). The confrontation between the masculine and the feminine, however, equally concerns a confrontation between the powers of persuasion and the physical threat of movement. Quartett was created by Frank Vercruyssen, Cynthia Loemij, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Jolente De Keersmaeker. Actor Frank Vercruyssen (Stan) and dancer Cynthia Loemij (Rosas) share the stage.