A spontaneous improvisation session early one morning in 2010, on the empty outdoor stage of the Celestin Convent in Avignon, brought to light the evidence of the natural artistic bond between Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Boris Charmatz. Both share a love of choreographed structure and a need for the freedom of improvisation. Both are well-established dance-makers whose desire to dance themselves is irrepressible.

It's through the living architecture of the music of Bach's Partita No.2, played live on stage by Amandine Beyer or George Alxander Van Dam, that Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's choreography takes form. Both artists seek out the dance inherent in the music, conscious of Bach's mastery, yet not overly reverential.

For the 3rd time, the visual artist Michel Francois will create the scenography for Rosas. As is frequently the case in their collaborations, for this duo, less is more and simplicity is strength. On a stage, bare but for the musician and his instrument, De Keersmaeker and Charmatz invite us to witness the essence and intricacies of their joint research and to share their passion for movements and thought.