Golden Hours (As you like it)

After Vortex Temporum - a refined alliance between complex structures of contemporary music and intricate textures of dance movement - Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker continues to explore the perception of time in choreography. Now her quest turns to pop music, a distinct strand in the oeuvre of Rosas, which, according to the choreographer, "represents our daily relation to music" because "it is part of our collective memory, involving dance, theater and literature with music." This time, the point of departure is Brian Eno's song 'Golden Hours' on Another Green World, the last album of songs that Eno made before he turned to ambient music. De Keersmaeker here approaches a cast of young dancers in their idiosyncratic movement expressions, and, following one of her recent choreographic principles, their speaking becomes their dancing, which serves to hide potential characterizations and drama.