Sabzian — Seuls: Boris Lehman

Sabzian — Seuls: Boris Lehman

KASKcinema, Ghent

For the fourth Seuls program at KASKcinema, Sabzian will show two films by Boris Lehman. In À la recherche du lieu de ma naissance (1990), Lehman travels to his birthplace Lausanne, searching for signs that would evoke his presence, the evidence of his very existence. In La dernière (s)cène ou l’évangile selon Saint-Boris (1995), the last house being demolished to make space for the European institutions is the backdrop for a Last Supper, featuring Lehman as Christ and his friends and fellow filmmakers as his disciples.

Boris Lehman (1944) lives in Brussels, where he builds his autobiographical life’s work. Staging his experiences, he constructs a life imbued with cinema. Lehman’s way of life is inextricably bound up with a way of filming. Relationships are formed through mise-en-scène and Lehman defines himself through his camera, which functions as his mirror. In one of his films, he says: “Seeing everything and filming everything. And when all will be finished, I will be myself.”

With a short introduction by and an extensive conversation after the screening with Boris Lehman.

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