The documentary ‘Zwanenzang’ situates itself around the melancholic character of Filomeen, one of the oldest residents of ‘Het Zwaantje’, a street in Malderen, Belgium. Travelling through the timeless rural landscape, Filomeen is the central character that leads us to the modern urban world of Brussels city. Her voice suggests everything: her world, her alienation towards modern life and her observation and knowledge of the past. Her words signify the crossroads where past and present meet. The film underlines the disappearance of rural life.




Filomeen De Kinder

Image- and sound editing

Olivia Rochette & Gerard-Jan Claes

Sound mixing

Adriaan De Belder

all residents of Het Zwaantje, Tuur and Maria Van Aken, Michel Rochette, Birgitta Seghers, Bart Claes, Antonia De Keersmaeker, Jan Vromman, Elias Grootaers, Kamiel Heymans, Hans Galle, Helena Rochette, Ilona Rochette, Marie Claes, Rosanne Claes, Ann Hoornaert, John Smits, Annemie Maes

KASK 2008