George & Henriette


In ‘George & Henriette’ we dig through the past and memories of George. His wife Henriette suffers from the Alzheimer disease. Henriette doesn’t remember anything; she doesn’t know who George is anymore, she doesn’t recognize the house where they lived for years... George decided to start a video diary in which he expresses his feelings and daily situations.



Willy Thomas
Olivia Rochette
Gerard-Jan Claes
Sound Recording
Hans Galle
Set dressing & costumes
Marijke Respeel
Image and sound editing
Olivia Rochette & Gerard-Jan Claes
the Jashari family, Huis van Alijn, Birgitta Seghers, Michel Rochette, Marcel Lengeler, Hans Lengeler, Lode Janssen, Karel Seghers, Ann Hoornaert, Klaar Van Hoeck, Bie Boeykens, Jeannice Adriaansens, Eric De Vos, Martine Huvenne, Elias Grootaers
KASK 2008