Because We Are Visual


In ‘Because We Are Visual’ Olivia Rochette and Gerard-Jan Claes immerse themselves into the world of public video journals. The Internet and its online communities intend to bring people closer together and to connect them. Yet, surprisingly, it seems that the virtual world confronts these so-called vloggers more than ever with their own loneliness. This documentary allows the viewer to discover this contemporary phenomenon and focuses on the experience of the body within this virtual space. By means of visual material gathered from online sources, the cineastes create a unique poetic realm in which thoughts, fears, desires and worries, shared via the webcam, merge together.



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Olivia Rochette &Gerard-Jan Claes
Olivia Rochette & Gerard-Jan Claes
Sound editing
Olivia Rochette & Gerard-Jan Claes
Editing advice
Elias Grootaers & Nico Leunen
Sound mixing
Michel Schöpping
Extra sound design
Billy Bultheel, Wiet Lengeler
Sound advice
Michel Schöpping, Martine Huvenne, Elias Grootaers
Mount Kimbie, Ethan Rose, Billy Bultheel
Olivier Ogneux
Mario Debaene
Elias Grootaers, Martine Huvenne, An Van Dienderen
Audio postproduction
Klink Amsterdam
Video postproduction
Caviar Brussels

Kaatje Aerts, Felix Aerts, Bart Claes, Marie Claes, Rosanne Claes, Meikeminne Clinckspoor, Nathalie Cools, Michel Coquette, Herman Croux, Jona De Baerdemaeker, Antonia De Keersmaeker, Eric De Vos, Mieke De Wulf, Marc Eenens, Hans Galle, Victoria Gonzalez, Marthe Lengeler, Veva Leye, José Mathieu, Kenzo Mattelé, Kyoji Maruyama, Johan Opstaele, Christian Paulussen, Max Pinckers, Helena Rochette, Ilona Rochette, Michel Rochette, Daniel Roelant, Birgitta Seghers, Nele Seghers, Nefer Vanden Bulcke, Frank Van Goethem

With the support of:
Crinto bvba, Scam, Marx Van Ranst Vermeersch & Partners

KASK 2010

Press & Text